Why us?

CBD organics Now! Quality assurance guaranteed via our meticulous testing methods at every step of the process. Starting from the seeds being ensured to be grown by the finest and most stable genetics. Upon seed development, the hemp plants are tested in the field to ensure that each plant is developing an adequate level of CBD and does not contain a single trace of potentially harmful pesticides. Upon the harvest of the plants we carefully extract the CBD oil from the flower and we thoroughly test the results before distilling the oil to create our products. That organic, high quality distillate is what we use to create tinctures and topical creams that have tremendous health and wellness benefits. Upon the creation of the final product we test the composition once again to ensure we are 100% accurate and our products are then ready for consumption. CBD has been medically proven to reduce anxiety and alleviate muscle and joint pain among other things. We stand by the quality of CBD Organics Now products and look forward to building a long lasting relationship with our clients to help them reach peak health and wellness in their lives.

About us

We are passionate about spreading natural and organic remedies to people all over the world. Improving human wellness is why we got into the production of CBD. Our manufacturing partners share our vision for giving consumers access to safe options to improve quality of life by simply feel better everyday. We pride ourselves on our operational efficiency and testing capabilities to ensure our clients are getting the highest quality and safest products delivered to them faster than anyone else in the industry.